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Large tray " Enchanting Picture Stones"

Large tray " Enchanting Picture Stones"


The Images on the tray can be found on the Gotlandic picture stones. Pinwheels, sunwheels and animals in Bright colours once decorated these magnificent stones. They were carved in Gotlandic limestone or sandstone and were erected by Islanders from the 5th Century onwards. The symbols probably emanate from earlier Cultures in Southern and central Europé, indicating some form of Communication between Gotland and the Mediterranean.
The originals can be seen at Gotland Museum.

Large tray.
Size: 43 x 33 cm. Weight: 465 g
Colour: 1a: Black with multi-coloured symbols.
1b: White with multi-coloured symbols.
Price: 350 SEK

Material: Birch

Design by: Magnus Häglund
Produced by: Gotlands Museum
Made in Sweden

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