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The Viking's Grim Grin

The Viking's Grim Grin

Over a thousand years ago, in the period we call the Viking Age, a fourteen year old boy lived on the island of Gotland. His name was Torbjörn. He lived on a farm not far from the harbour at Vi on the west coast of the island. His parents Knut and Sigrid, his two younger sisters, his grandmother Astrid and an uncle called Ulf also lived on the farm. But his father wasn't there now, because one spring when Torbjörn was only nine years old his father had sailed away on his ship and hadn't been seen since then. Torbjörn missed his father, longed to snuggle in his father's arm, listening to all his stories about the Viking expeditions in the East.

Thus begins the exciting story of Torbjörn and his journey far, far away to the distant city of Bolghar to search for his father.

Caroline Ahlström Arcini is an osteologist, a specialist in the study of bones, at the Contract Archeology Service Department of the Swedish National Heritage Board. Her main interest is in the health of our forefathers, as well as the oddly incised teeth which she found in so many skeletons at the Viking Age Cemetery at Kopparsvik on Gotland. She has written several popular science books about life in the Medieval Period and historical times. The Viking's Grim Grin is her first book for children and juveniles.

Staffan Hyll is a picture editor and illustrator at the Contract Archaeology Service Department of the Swedish National Heritage Board. He has illustrated a large number of articles and books on the topic of archaeology.

Title: The Viking's Grim Grin
Text: Caroline Ahlström Arcini
Illustrations: Staffan Hyll
Fornsalen Publishing
Year of Publication: 2011

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